Sunday, 28 November 2010

Reasons for blogging

I thought I should start by saying why I'm writing this blog. Obviously, I hope that someone will read it eventually and hopefully I'll get out some of my frustrations at what I see happening everywhere just now. Apparently putting your thoughts out there is therapeutic. We'll see. What I really want, what I think we all actually want, is to be heard by those in power. Because they are listening to those who don't speak for me.

I'm tired of hearing quotes from The Taxpayers Alliance as though they speak for the rest of us.
I'm tired of hearing quotes from MigrationWatch as though they speak for the rest of us.
I'm tired of seeing lie after lie in the national press pretending they speak for the rest of us.
They don't. They never have. They never will.

I don't want to suggest that I'm speaking for everyone else either. These are my opinions, my thoughts. Just stuff I hope others agree with. I'm also willing to change my mind if I hear a good argument, so I'm not even stating categorically that I'll always be right. (Just most of the time)

Hopefully over time, if I'm not too lazy to continue this, the blog will change, my mood will change. Hopefully I'll write about stuff I enjoy and not just stuff I hate.

Disclaimer: I'm not a writer. I don't guarantee an error free blog. In fact, I don't even guarantee that it will make complete sense at times.